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Tutoring Program

Ireland Learning Center offers many extensive educational programs for learners. We have a streamlined curriculum presented in a safe and nurturing environment. 

However, not all children can easily grasp the ideas presented in class. Others may even want to learn more and dig deeper on the subject matter. That’s where our tutoring program comes in. 

We also offer additional learning tools after class. We can assess your child’s learning needs, offer extra learning resources, and help them be more advanced in their group.

Our tutoring program offers supplemental lessons and classes for children. This helps foster your child’s learning in a classroom setting. 

Our tutorials promote one-on-one coaching sessions and/or a small student-teacher ratio. It is personalized. This way, teachers can focus on the unique needs of a student, address them appropriately, and get better learning results. Students, on the other hand, will enjoy a more personalized approach to teaching. They will learn in a more intimate education setting.

✔ Develop more confidence to learn and participate in the class

✔ Generate higher scores compared to other students that do not attend tutorials

✔ Seek supplemental classes from the school-aligned curriculum

✔ Get enriched learning resources and additional information on topics presented at school

✔ Promote a deeper understanding of the learner’s individual needs

✔ Have a personal and adaptive learning plan tailored to your child’s most optimum learning approach

✔ Be handled by one of our friendly and experienced tutors

✔ Enjoy a one-on-one tutorial session

✔ Meet new learners in the center and develop good learning relationships

✔ Have flexible scheduling to suit you and your child’s convenience

✔ Offer quality tutoring at affordable hourly rates with flexible payment options

If you want your child to get additional knowledge and hone their skills beyond their classroom walls, then you’ve come to the right place.

Ask us today about our Tutoring Programs. Call us directly or send us an email.