Academic Curriculum

Sharpen your child’s skills and unlock his budding potentials by enrolling him or her to Ireland Learning Center.

We have a team of qualified teachers who are geared to support your student’s holistic development. Our program is designed to supply and complement every child’s needs, especially during their prime learning years. With our tried and true learning approach, we seek to mold young learners into becoming successful adults in the future.

Our interest is in what’s best for you and your children. We work hand-in-hand with parents to understand a student’s needs, find the right learning solution, share a common philosophy, and improve their learning outcomes.

Our institution offers an appropriate curriculum that complements every learner’s developmental stage. Some of our academic support and offerings include the following:


✔Student-centered learning approach

✔ Proactive tutoring support

✔ Age-appropriate curriculum

✔ Tailored learning session

✔ Homework and test preparation assistance

✔ Skill mastery and hands-on learning activities

✔ Small students to teacher ratio for a more focused learning group

✔ Tested, innovative, and up-to-date methods and materials

✔ Quality education at an affordable cost

Test Preparation and Advancement

This service is perfect for those who have plans of taking advanced classes in preparation for an exam or college. Here at Ireland Learning Center, we aim to become a well-rounded institution for all kinds of learners. That’s why we also help these motivated learners to achieve their desired educational goals and success later on in life.

You can expect the following from our Test Preparation and Advancement services:

✔ Wide range of accelerated classes offered, from advanced math, college-readiness skills, and ACT/SAT test preparation

✔ Innovative advanced learning programs to improve skills and open many possibilities in the future

✔ Tailored learning solutions to suit any of your advancement goals

✔ Flexible learning approach, from one-on-one tutoring to small group classes

✔ School-aligned curriculum

✔ Expert guidance directly from our experienced tutors

✔ Convenient class schedules to fit your busy life

✔ Quality education at an affordable cost