4 Ways to Develop Your Child’s Smooth Transition to School

Is your learner about to enter school soon?

Your child’s first day of school gives you a roller-coaster of emotions. It makes you feel all sorts of excitement and frustration knowing that your baby is big enough to attend a class.

It’s the first time you’ll be spending some time away from your child. It is normal to experience bouts of separation anxiety (in fact, your child feels the same too). However, you can ride the tides together and start to embrace and enjoy this important milestone.

To help ease the transition, here are great tips you can try:

Practice reading and writing at home.

Yes, these are skills they can develop in a classroom setting. However, developing these important skill sets beforehand can eliminate frustrations later on. Children also feel anxious and pressured to catch up with the class. As a result, they will lose their motivation to continue going to school. They will feel uninspired and intimidated.

Your child shouldn’t be put to that position. By practicing reading and writing at home, they will get used to the process and start learning these skills. So that when they attend formal training, they won’t feel surprised and startled along the way. They can easily move forward to advanced learning skills.

Shop for school supplies together.

schoolKids feel super giddy about going to school once they have a new set of supplies. However, as you shop for their school materials, make sure you are asking for their item preferences first.

Say, for example, you are shopping for a bag. Ask your child which bag they like best. You can’t imagine how motivated they become to step into the learning center armed with their favorite, hand-picked stuff.

But when it comes to every back-to-school shopping, this I say is true: Behind every child’s bright smile is a parent’s dented pocket. Parents share the same sentiment: Shopping for school supplies can be bad for your wallet. Books, bags, and other essentials are just pricey.

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Have a routine.

Kids thrive on routines. They are more effective if they follow a known pattern. Weeks before school starts, make sure you’ve scheduled a wake-up and bedtime routine. This is to help them with the class schedule transition.

Plan some playdates.

You can expect your learner to meet lots of unfamiliar faces at school. Arranging playdates can help your child learn to socialize and interact with other kids. They won’t feel anxious being left in an environment filled with strangers on their first day. Instead, they will blend more easily with the crowd and develop nice relationships smoothly.

Also, playdates can help mold your child’s character. Children can learn from each other. They become more capable of sharing, playing, and fixing problems.